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Employee Background Verification – Quarterly Discrepancy Statistics (Q1/2019)


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‘Resume white lies’ – Disastrous for your career.


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Combat the rise of ‘Masters in Fraud and Deceit.’


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Employee Background Verification – Quarterly Discrepancy Statistics (Q4)


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Refraining from Criminal Checks? Don’t throw caution to the winds.


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Employee Background Verification – Quarterly Discrepancy Statistics (Q4)


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Adieu 2018! Lessons learnt in the background verification arena in the year 2018


5th December 2018:
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Simplifying the - Sexual Harassment of Women at Workplace Act


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Its India’s hour of reckoning - The Desi #MeToo Movement


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Education discrepancy - Trends and insights from JantaKhoj!


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Employee Background Verification – Quarterly Discrepancy Statistics (Q2)


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3rd September 2018:
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Employment discrepancy - trends and insights from JantaKhoj!


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Know your delivery boys - Background verification


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First line of defense - background verification


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Top common misconceptions about employee background checks


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Employee Background Verification – Quarterly Discrepancy Statistics


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Beware - Degree deceits on the rise!


27th June 2018:
Problem: degree deceits, Solution: background verification


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Self help - The best strategy for tough time


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30th April 2018:
12th April 2018:
The temptation of the little white lie!


9th April 2018:
Employee Background Verification – Quarterly Discrepancy Statistics


5th April 2018:
23rd March 2018:
Who is going to pay the price?


22nd March 2018:
Protect your company’s reputation from the risk of the 'Employee’


16th March 2018:
Do not let your ‘guard’ down!


12th March 2018:
5th March 2018:
Lies on your resume can ‘haunt’ you!


1st March 2018:
Employee Background Verification - Discrepancy Statistics for February 2018


27th February 2018:
16th February 2018:
13th February 2018:
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30th January 2018:
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Trends and Insights on Background Screening for 2017


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2018 - HRM trends to look out for!


4th January 2018:
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The 2018 HRM trends to keep on your company’s radar


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What if I don't lie on my resume?


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Background Verification - the complete picture!


23rd November 2017:
Plugging the holes in India’s ‘Independent Contractor’ setup


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Financial Hygiene - Credit score added to list of employee background checks


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Higher the position, greater the loss!


2nd November 2017:
1st November 2017:
30th October 2017:
16th October 2017:
12th October 2017:
6th October 2017:
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Brace yourself for social media scans!


27th September 2017:
Beware of what you post on social media - You are being scanned!


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31st August 2017:
30th August 2017:
Schools and a new need - background verification


22nd August 2017:
How Safe Really Are Our Children In School?


16th August 2017:
16th August 2017:
1st August 2017:
28th July 2017:
26th July 2017:
3rd July 2017:
18th July 2017:
Domestic help verification – A necessity in urban India!


13th July 2017:
Is Background Verification a Guarantee for - 'No Fraud'?


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19th June 2017:
Brand Image – The Power of Background Verification


31st May 2017:
Rise of the ‘learning & development’ renaissance


16th May 2017:
The need of the hour - Training


2nd May 2017:
18th April 2017:
Background Verification - Being Prepared


12th April 2017:
Be careful not to be penny wise, pound foolish – Invest in background screening!


29th March 2017:
Time for a big Change - Aadhaar e-verification


17th March 2017:
Another arrow in our quiver – Aadhaar e-verification


15th March 2017:
14th March 2017:
8th March 2017:
Three mega projects revisited - Aadhaar, NAD, CCTNS


28th February 2017:
15th February 2017:
15th February 2017:
Winds of change – HR Trends to watch out for in 2017


4th February 2017:
30th January 2017:
27th January 2017:
Domestic helper’s verification – a must for safer homes


13th January 2017:
13th January 2017:
4th January 2017:
3rd January 2017:
2nd January 2017:
17th December 2016:
The deafening silence - child abuse in day cares and crèches


5th December 2016:
Background Verification is the new Hippocratic Oath


5th December 2016:
23rd November 2016:
Demonetization – The phoenix will rise from the ashes


22nd November 2016:
1st November 2016:
Employee Background Verification - Discrepancy Statistics for October 2016


12 October 2016:
Hiring – Are we asking enough questions?


23 September 2016:
16th September 2016:
12th September 2016:
1st September 2016:
26th August 2016:
17th August 2016:
16th August 2016:
Every Job is Temporary!


29th July 2016:
5 reasons why fair employees do not fear background checks


26th July 2016:
26th July 2016:
Bell curved performance appraisals – Good or Bad?


11th July 2016:
30th June 2016:
28th June 2016:
Weed out the black sheep’ - stringent background screening systems


2nd June 2016:
Motivating people: Going beyond money in the Indian scenario


3rd May 2016:
Media Coverage: Business Wire - JantaKhoj, India's Leading People Background Verification Service, Leverages Amazon Cloud using stackArmor's Agile Platform


2nd May 2016:
Never judge a book by its cover – background screening of utmost importance!


30th March 2016:
Talent acquisition – the biggest HR challenge


15th March 2016:
Employee Background Verification – Discrepancy Statistics for February 2016


8th March 2016:
2nd March 2016:
‘Good to know’ laws relating to sexual harassment at the Indian workplace


13th Feb 2016:
27th Jan 2016:
5th Jan 2016:
17th Dec 2015:
17th Nov 2015:
28th Oct 2015:
10th Sept 2015:
4th Sept 2015:
31st Aug 2015:
25th Feb 2015:
Employee Background Verification – Discrepancy Statistics for January 2015 -

http://www.jantakhoj.com/blog/2015/2/Employee Background Verification – Discrepancy Statistics for January 2015/

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Employee Background Verification – Discrepancy Statistics for December 2014 -

http://www.jantakhoj.com/blog/2015/1/Employee Background Verification – Discrepancy Statistics for December 2014/

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Employee Background Verification – Discrepancy Statistics for November 2014 -

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Employee Background Verification – Discrepancy Statistics for October 2014 -

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Employee Background Verification – Discrepancy Statistics for September 2014 -

http://www.jantakhoj.com/blog/2014/10/Employee Background Verification – Discrepancy Statistics for September 2014/

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Employee Background Verification – Discrepancy Statistics for August 2014 -

http://www.jantakhoj.com/blog/2014/09/Employee Background Verification – Discrepancy Statistics for August 2014/

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In the driver’s seat – No license please! Background Verification -


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Background Verifications Agency : Technicalities to look for!! -


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JantaKhoj covered in Deccan Herald : Bangalore tops country in resume loopholes -


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Announcing new office in Mumbai -

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Chequered Pasts – a detailed article on state of resume falsification in IT industry; also features JantaKhoj and its CEO, Tarun S Bangari.


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Looking for employee background checks? Try our Verification Selector Tool.


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JantaKhoj covered in Operations Buzz


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Media Coverage: ET Now - Business Tonight Show - Coverage of JantaKhoj.com


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Blog Post: US, S&P Ratings and a Need to redefine Background Checks. http://www.jantakhoj.com/blog/2011/08/us-sp-ratings-and-a-need-to-redefine-background-checks/

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Download free whitepaper - Beginner's Guide to Employee Background Verifications. http://www.jantakhoj.com/corporate/employee-background-verifications-whitepaper.php

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Blog Post: Absconding Employees - Is there any solution for this menace? Part 2 : http://www.jantakhoj.com/blog/2011/07/absconding-employees-part-2/

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Blog Post: Paid Subscriptions for People Search : http://www.jantakhoj.com/blog/2011/06/paid-subscriptions-for-people-search/

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Blog Post: Five Reasons for using Social Media as a Background Verification tool : http://www.jantakhoj.com/blog/2011/05/five-reasons-for-using-social-media-as-a-background-verification-tool/

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Media Coverage: JantaKhoj Founder & CEO, Tarun Bangari's interview on Gemini News channel: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eNo4Ab7FJc4

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Blog Post: Background Check Enforcement Versus The Need to Hire – An HR Manager’s Dilemma : http://www.jantakhoj.com/blog/2011/05/background-check-enforcement-versus-the-need-to-hire-an-hr-manager%E2%80%99s-dilemma/

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Blog Post: Background checks - what to do when a great candidate has a negative employer reference http://www.jantakhoj.com/blog/2011/05/background-checks-what-to-do-when-a-great-candidate-has-a-negative-employer-reference/

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Blog Post: Kalmadi Arrested – Is it a case of too little too late? : http://www.jantakhoj.com/blog/2011/04/kalmadi-arrested-is-it-a-case-of-too-little-too-late/

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Media Coverage: JantaKhoj and Babajob Tie up for Domestic help and Driver Background Checks : http://www.businesswireindia.com/PressRelease.asp?b2mid=26582

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Media Coverage: JantaKhoj Founder & CEO, Tarun Bangari's interview on iNews TV channel: http://bit.ly/JantaKhoj-interview-iNews

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Blog Post: Background checks and our Educational system. Importance of background checks in academia. http://bit.ly/Background-check-in-Academia

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Media Coverage: JantaKhoj Founder & CEO, Tarun Bangari covered in Hybiz.tv:
Clip 1 -http://www.hybiz.tv/video.php?vid=159266
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