Aadhar Verification

Instant e-verification

In the last few years, modern businesses are changing the way consumers engage with professionals from various organized and unorganized sectors in India. Technology continues to have a critical role for these businesses and that is where Jantakhoj's instant e-verification services come to the rescue.

Aadhar e-verification

Turnaround Time: Instant        Charges: INR 500 per check

JantaKhoj confirms the validity of Aadhar card details.

Check out our ‘How we do it’ section to learn more about our verification process and customer service. Every check which we do is reliable, timely and backed by suitable supporting material. We understand how critical each of the individual checks is for your background verification requirements, so we never cut any corners or provide false promises. What can you expect section gives more details on what we offer to you.

We are in a position to deliver these background checks across the entire country (except certain sensitive / disturbed areas).