CIBIL Score and Report

TransUnion CIBIL is a credit information company that maintains the credit information of over 500 million users and businesses in India. CIBIL credit scores and report help give a clear picture of the credit history and financial reputation of individuals and businesses. This data acts as credit score verification and can be valuable information for any employer.

Why are credit history checks important for employers?

  • Employers can benefit from the credit report verification of the employees. They can evaluate a candidate’s financial background through Employee Credit Checks and diminish risks posed to their business by those who are under any financial duress.
  • CIBIL Score and Report provide employee credit score verification, which can help employers while hiring individuals in positions of authority and will have direct access to sensitive information.
  • Credit report verification can help single out individuals who may not have sound financial knowledge. Someone who has not managed his or her finances properly, may not be able to maintain finances, may be inefficient with transactions and balancing a cash drawer.
  • Employee Credit Score Verification can help reduce the possibilities of employee fraud in financial services sector. It is crucial to safeguard an organization’s assets (like customer list, consumer personal details, intellectual property, stock and equipment), which are at risk of being stolen or sold to fraudsters or competitors.

Why order CIBIL Score and Report from JantaKhoj

  • JantaKhoj is a credit score verification agency, and a direct partner of CIBIL - India's premier and oldest credit information bureau. We do not use any intermediaries and get the information directly from CIBIL.
  • We can carry out employee credit score verification for you, which helps you make the right decisions while hiring.
  • We offer TAT of 1 day – so no more waiting for days to decide whether to hire an employee or not.
  • We provide Comprehensive 360 degree report for B2B customers – including credit report verification, employee credit score verification and other verification reports. This gives a full picture about a candidate and helps employers check fraudulent activity.
  • JantaKhoj is a credit score verification company that can provide CIBIL Score and report of individuals to aid you in making informed employment decisions.
  • We provide you with important credit score data which helps you analyse credit histories of potential employees and enables you to hire with more confidence.