Social Media Scan

The in-depth integration of social media in our daily lives has presented HR managers with unique opportunities and challenges, for screening new talent. Social Media Scan aims to make this gathering of information easier for the employers. The service employs automated and manual review techniques to scan more than thirty different social media and associated sites to look for any adverse references.

Such checks typically cover various social media and business networking sites, blog sites, micro blogging sites, photo/video sharing sites, and other web resources to flag any potentially negative information. Some of the potential negative information would cover (but not limited to) badmouthing current/earlier employers, lying about qualifications / certificates / job history, obvious drug use, other slurs and offensive language, obvious links to criminal / destructive / disruptive behaviour, posting confidential / classified information from current / earlier employers.

These checks should be treated as additional 'insurance' checks rather than as the core verifications. The cumulative offline and online information collected about the candidate can help eliminate any confusion resulting from a partial view of the employee’s background.

Our recommendation:

Use Social Media Scan as an additional check to gather more background information about the candidate. This is particularly applicable to knowledge industries like IT, ITES/KPO, pharma/biotech, media and consulting.