Customized Verification

Trying to find a background verification service that works for your unique needs? JantaKhoj helps you meet your specific background check needs by providing the most cost-effective screening services available. Per your requirements, we can customize verification packages to meet both your needs and your budget.

We do custom background checks the simple way. You can select the checks that you need from the below given list and we get you the required results.

Address Verification

JantaKhoj physically verifies the current and the permanent address of the candidate.

CIBIL Score and Report

JantaKhoj directly gets the CIBIL Score and Report for the candidate so you can check the credit history and credit worthiness.

Criminal Verification

JantaKhoj directly checks with the police authorities and helps clients to identify whether the candidate was involved in any criminal activity.

Education Verification

JantaKhoj helps to confirm the educational details of the candidate, authenticity of the candidate’s degree, year of completion and the course pursued. Please note we do NOT rely on copies of documents provided by candidates as proof. Instead we go directly to the source institution/university for verification.

Employment Verification

It is important to validate if a candidate has been working for as long as they state, in the role they claim and for the salary indicated. JantaKhoj contacts Human Resources / Payroll in previous employers to accurately determine the candidate’s history in regards to whom they reported, the dates of employment, position/s held remuneration, responsibilities and reasons for leaving.

Reference Check

Reference check is conducted with previous employer / landlord / neighbour to learn more about the conduct, reliability and character of the individual being verified. In addition, JantaKhoj offers the flexibility to incorporate questions relevant to your requirement and will work with you to provide the best reference proforma.