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    Background Verifications
        Announcing new tagline – Your candidate. Our verification.
        JantaKhoj is now a NASSCOM member
        UGC releases 2014 List of Fake Universities
        Being good to bad:Background Verification
        Double Bonanza – Really? Background Verification
        Background Verification – Stay safe : Do not resurrect and unleash lion
        Domestic Help – Help Yourself first
        In the driver’s seat – No license please! Background Verification
        Background Verifications Agency : Technicalities to look for!!
        Mistakes or No Mistakes :: Background Verification
        Interview with L.Hari, Inteq on Background Verification
        Big Designation – Bigger Trouble : Background Verification
        Big Problem – Simple Solutions : Background Verification
        Why Verify Your Degree
        Avoid Corporate Frauds . with Background Verification
        Background Verifications Industry – Proactive or Reactive?
        How LinkedIn is reshaping the world of HR and Background Verifications
        What is Financial Verification?
        Are Background Checks necessary for Senior Management/Executives?
        Employment Verification – An appeal to HR professionals
        Social Media for Background Checks – Rights and Wrongs
        Background Checks for Work Experience Outside of Industry
        Background Verification versus Detective Type Investigation
        Do contractors including guards, drivers require background checks?
        Sectoral importance of Background Checks in India
        What to do when an employee or contractor with clean criminal record does not remain ‘clean’ ?
        The Domestic Help Dilemma
        Verification Agencies Ecosystem – Competition and Cooperation
        Employer, Employee and the Employee Background Verifications
        To what extent are Background Verification Agencies accountable?
        Which One to Choose – Pre- Or Post-Employment Background Verification?
        2011 – A Evolutionary Year for Background Verification Service Industry
        Economic Slowdown and Employee Background Verifications
        Ensuring Authenticity of Employee Background Checks
        Employee Background Checks and their Socio Economical Impact
        Clues for discovering the Holy Grail of Employee Retention
        Why are Employee Background Checks so costly in India?
        Does your Current Employee need a Background Check?
        Background Check for Freshers
        Background Checks and your Sales Force
        How much does Employee Background Verification cost?
        Five Ways for Spoiling your Background Check
        Is Employee Verification not compatible with your Business Model?
        Background Check Lessons learnt from the Struggle for the Jan Lokpal Bill
        US, S&P Ratings and a Need to redefine Background Checks
        Terror in the Work Place
        HR Tips for Spotting a Fake
        Absconding Employees - Is there any solution for this menace? Part 2
        Absconding Employees - Is there any solution for this menace? Part 1
        Employee Background Verification – The Badge of Trust
        Background Verifications and Political Mudslinging
        Background Verification – Necessary Requirement for a Safer Household
        Five Reasons for using Social Media as a Background Verification tool
        Background Check Enforcement Versus The Need to Hire – An HR Manager’s Dilemma
        Background checks – what to do when a great candidate has a negative employer reference
        Kalmadi Arrested – Is it a case of too little too late?
        Top 5 Reasons why Post-Employment verification is necessary
        Anna Hazare and the Call for Transparency
        Background checks and our Educational system
        Background Check Lessons learnt from the Fake Pilots Scam
        Backdoor Entry – Background Verification Services to the rescue
        Background Checks – A requisite for Temporary Hires
        Employee Background Verification and its effect on Employee Turnover Rate
        Employee Verification and Social Media - An HR Manager’s Dilemma
        Employee Background Check & Employee Infidelity
        The Employee that Lasted....
        All You Wanted to Know About Database Checks
        All You Wanted to Know About Reference Checks
        All You Wanted to Know About Criminal Background Checks
        All You Wanted to Know About Employer Checks
        All You Wanted to Know About Education Checks
        All You Wanted to Know About Address Checks
        Our Local Wiki - Your Learning Centre for Employee Background Verifications
        Three Mega-Projects with Potential to Transform Identity, Education and Criminal Verifications in India
        Interview with Yogesh Bhura – Pioneering Guru of Background Verifications Industry in India
        Scouring for the Hidden Skeletons: The State of Matrimonial Verification Services in India
        Education Verification in India: The Problem and Some Solutions
    Company Story
        Recalling the Launch Day – Look Inside our Startup
        JantaKhoj Completes First Year
        Wedding Woes and 'Search People. Research Background'
        The JantaKhoj Story
    People Search
        Updated Pricing for People Search
        Paid Subscriptions for People Search
        Announcing New Feature – Adding Your Entry in People Search
        Announcing Enhanced People Search
        People Search – Privacy Concerns
        People Search – A Brief Introduction and Landscape Review
        India's Unique ID (UID) project "Aadhaar" and Background Verifications
        What would you like to see in People Search?
    Raunak’s Story
        Episode 1 – Lajjo’s demand
        Episode 2 – Sajjan Singh – Indeed a sajjan!
        Episode 3 – The Grand Joke of Fate
        Episode 4 – The Aftermath
        Episode 5 – Trusting Tukaram
        Episode 6 – Tukaram Does the Unthinkable
        Episode 7 – The Last Ditch Effort
        Episode 8 – JantaKhoj Comes to The Rescue!


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