Why employee background verification

Good employees, great business

If you conduct proper employee background verifications, you can rest assured of having hired the best for your business. Starting from education, experience and workplace conduct, everything is verified. You have thus ensured a strong foundation for your business by hiring good employees.

Peace of mind

Extensive background checks ensure that you have completed your due diligence and can be assured of clean background of potential employees. You need not worry about any criminal records or past history, as we take care of criminal and database checks as well. To know more about criminal checks please read our blog post - All you wanted to know about criminal checks.

Protecting brand name

Even one public story covering an employee with fudged credentials or criminal background can have a very negative impact on company’s brand name. It just takes one wrong hire to spoil the entire show. Besides huge financial losses, the brand reputation suffers irrevocable damage and most importantly, the employee morale takes a downward toll leading to high attrition rates. Therefore, organizations that do not adhere to strict verification procedures are prone to greater risks in the future.

Saves costs and time

Those who worry about the extra cost associated with verifications should look into all the money that is wasted on a bad hire, taking into consideration the pre-hiring, screening, interviewing, administration, training and termination and attrition costs. In addition, there are more expenses, if the employee in question has been responsible for some major damage or lawsuit. To read a detailed account about costs associated with a bad hire, visit our blog post – Employee background verification and its effect on employee turnover rate.

Enables transparency in the system

Third party verification is based on the assumption that the third party does not have any vested interest in undermining the verification process, and that the third party has special expertise in verifying the credentials provided. For example, in employment screening, the hiring manager and/or the Human Resources may be under pressure to hire a specific candidate immediately, without verifying all the credentials. Third party verification ensures that all the application credentials are verified and supported by backup documents.

HR can focus on core activities

With employee verification outsourced to third party solution providers like JantaKhoj, your HR team can focus on their core role – keeping the employees happy!