CIBIL Company Credit Report

TransUnion CIBIL is India’s leading credit information company and maintains one of the largest collections of company credit and consumer information globally. CIBIL provides credit rank and report for companies in India. The credit score and report give a clear understanding of their credit history and financial reputation. This can be valuable if you have an interest in a company as a potential partner, vendor, supplier, client or investor.

Why are credit reports important for companies?

  • Company credit rank and report enable you to assess a company's financial background and creditworthiness.
  • These can give you better visibility into the business viability and stability of the company in question.
  • Past credit payment behaviour of an entity is considered to be a good indicator of its future behaviour.

Why order CIBIL Score and Report from JantaKhoj

  • JantaKhoj is a direct partner of CIBIL - India's premier and oldest credit information bureau. We do not use any intermediaries and get the information directly from CIBIL.
  • No more waiting for days to take the right decision while hiring - we offer TAT of 1 day.
  • Comprehensive 360 degree report on companies (including credit check report along with the other verification reports) - get the full picture on a candidate and make informed decisions to avoid fraudulent activity.