Tenant Verification

It used to be that fifteen-twenty years ago a hand shake was good enough to seal the deal in not just tenant screening, but most transactions. People really were as good as their word. In today's society a hand shake just doesn't cut it. Unfortunately, as a landlord, the only protection that you have against a bad tenant is the due diligence that you conduct that helps to identify the risk. You require a thorough system that will assist you with this. JantaKhoj offers you a complete system that allows you to do a tenant check which reduces the risk of fraud and minimizes risk of income loss.

Why put yourself in a position where you spend hours of your valuable time in investigation? We provide background check services for tenants. You have the option to perform the following checks to make sure your property will be safe and whether the tenant is likely to honour the lease terms.

Criminal Verification

Turnaround Time: 15 working days        Charges: INR 950 per check

We submit details of the tenant in the prescribed format along with all the supporting documents to the police station and help clients to identify whether the tenant was involved in any criminal activity.

Permanent Address Verification

Turnaround Time: 7 working days        Charges: INR 375 - INR 500 per check

We conduct physical visits to the known permanent residence address to check about the family members of the concerned person. We conduct neighbourhood check to find out about the family’s reputation in that locality.

Reference Verification

Turnaround Time: 5 working days        Charges: INR 200 per check

Reference check is conducted with the prospective bride’s/groom’s neighbours /friends /relatives, providing professional impartial references and a valuable perspective of an individual’s past. In addition, JantaKhoj offers the flexibility to incorporate questions relevant to your requirement and will work with you to provide the best reference proforma.

Check out our ‘How we do it’ section to learn more about our verification process and customer service. Every check which we do is reliable, timely and backed by suitable supporting material. We understand how critical each of the individual checks is for your background verification requirements, so we never cut any corners or provide false promises. What can you expect section gives more details on what we offer to you.

We are in a position to deliver these background checks across the entire country (except certain sensitive / disturbed areas).