Domestic Help Verification

Domestic Help Verification / Home Staff Background Check

Due to a steep rise in cases of crime involving domestic helps, domestic help verification is gaining importance. Verification of prospective workers like servant, maid, nanny, gardener, and guard is an important tool for reducing the risk of a bad hire that could affect you or your family adversely as these people work in close proximity to your family.

Here are five top tips for domestic help verification:

  • If your town police offer domestic help verification service, submit the application form at your local police station. This is by far the best thing you can do.
  • Verify the current and permanent address and ID proofs of your domestic help and retain a photocopy for your records.
  • Visit the current address and confirm the residence. Ask the local neighbours too.
  • Ask for previous employer references even if the domestic help is coming through word of mouth referral or through a domestic help agency. Call the previous employers and ask questions to confirm and learn more.
  • Retain a current photograph of the domestic help.

These steps present partial deterrence against any future criminal intentions but are time consuming. JantaKhoj provides background check services for the staff you may hire at your home. You have the option to perform the following checks before you hire someone:

Address Verification

Turnaround Time: 7 working days        Charges: INR 375 - INR 500 per check

JantaKhoj confirms whether the residence address provided by your potential employee is correct and whether the person stays at that address.

Criminal Verification

Turnaround Time: 15 working days        Charges: INR 950 per check

We submit details of the candidate in the prescribed format along with all the supporting documents to the police station and helps clients to identify whether the candidate was involved in any criminal activity.

Reference Verification

Turnaround Time: 5 working days        Charges: INR 200 per check

Reference verification is conducted from the individual's past employer/s, providing impartial references and a valuable perspective of the individual’s past performance and behaviours. In addition, JantaKhoj offers the flexibility to incorporate questions relevant to your requirement and will work with you to provide the best reference proforma.

Check out our ‘How we do it’ section to learn more about our verification process and customer service. Every check which we do is reliable, timely and backed by suitable supporting material. We understand how critical each of the individual checks is for your background verification requirements, so we never cut any corners or provide false promises. What can you expect section gives more details on what we offer to you.

We are in a position to deliver these background checks across the entire country (except certain sensitive / disturbed areas).