How we do it (Verification Process)

We understand the significance and criticality which background verification have in your HR processes. Keeping this in mind, here is how we do the verifications for you:

  • After signing the contract, client coordinator gives you a welcome call and builds a shared understanding of the documentary and verification requirements.
  • Online portal demo is delivered.
  • Once the cases are received, documentary insufficiencies reported within 24 hours.
  • Cases are assigned to specific verification team members and field officers.
  • Timely (within TAT) verifications are conducted with the source – university, certifying body, earlier employer, police station / office, references, and site visits for address checks.
  • Every report is checked by Quality Assurance team.
  • Additionally, random audits are conducted to ensure accuracy.
  • The reports become available on the online portal.

Some additional points on how we do it:

  • Keeping focus on your needs. We craft custom verifications that fit your needs exactly.
  • Not insisting on a fixed number of verification cases per month.
  • By bringing a great team with expertise in background verifications, technology and online businesses.
  • Being accountable for delivering reports within specified Turn Around Time.